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I’m an Asian and I want to be a doctor


I’m an Asian (S.Korean) girl, and I love science. And yes, I want to be a doctor.

When people find out that I want to be a doctor and that I also like to draw and paint, they get into what I see as the “let me be your saviour” mode. They say, “Then why didn’t you go into art?” or “you know, if that’s what you love to do, then you should follow your true passions.”

First of all, I love science. I like art. People of other races immediately assume that when an Asian wants to be a doctor it’s because of their parents’ wishes. 

I am an autonomous individual with free will and passions and aspirations. But because the rest of the world have stereotypes against people like us, we are reduced to people who lack autonomy and individualism. I’ve even heard white people say, (on the topic of Asians going to medical school) “Asians have no souls.”

Let me be clear that I’m not denouncing Asian people who do pursue a career in medicine or law because they feel it is their responsibility to have a stable and rewarding career in order to support their family. This, I believe, is just as strong and individualistic of a reason as choosing those careers out of simple interest. It is, in fact, something that should be praised; people who do so are incredibly brave and mature to be working so hard because they love their family.

The issue stems from the fact that white people do not see or understand why an Asian individual might feel the responsibility to pursue a stable career and go on to criticize them for doing so. They do not understand what it means to be a first-generation immigrant, or even what it means to be a coloured individual in an area like business or politics. To those blinded by white privilege, Asians pursue medicine because they have no passion or individualism and simply want to please their parents. When a white person tells an Asian aspiring doctor, “are you sure you are doing what you love?” they are ignorant of the fact that “doing what you love” is a privilege given to few.

That being said, I recognize and am thankful for having the privilege to “do what I love” because of my supportive parents, and because I was able to grow up where there are many opportunities in my path. I happened to choose to be a doctor out of interest, and I’m sure, many, many other Asian people also did the same. And for those who chose this path out of a sense of responsibility, that is something that we all should look up to, not criticize. It takes great courage and dedication to work hard to support your family. 

And finally, I would like to say that there are probably other Angry Asian Girls (and guys) out there who can put this into better words than I did, and I hope they do, so that the world can hear us.


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me: i thought it was a replay but it was another goal

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Chile  3 - 1  Australia
Arena Pantanal, Cuiabá

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Chile  3 - 1  AustraliaArena Pantanal, Cuiabá

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The Abbott Government is introducing a $6 GP fee in the next budget. Ten reasons why this is a bad idea:

  1. $6 is a lot for the disadvantaged. The dole is about $35 a day.
  2. It discourages the disadvantaged - pensioners, Aboriginal people, disabled people, poor people - who, ironically, have the most health concerns.
  3. It is hard enough getting people to see a doctor to check that spot, or discuss weird weight loss, or feel that testicle. We should not add disincentives.
  4. The money saved is minimal.
  5. In fact, it may ultimately cost us more. If people are less inclined to see their GP early, that spot/weight loss/testicle bump may turn into a big/costly/devastating problem. A stitch in time saves nine.
  6. We simply don’t have a problem of people going to the GP needlessly.
  7. The AMA is against it.
  8. We have no assurance that this fee will stay at $6 - the fees may keep increasing over time if we don’t nip it in the bud.
  9. More incentive for people to go to (already overcrowded) emergency departments.
  10. Let’s call a dog a dog: The Liberal Government do not like welfare for ideological reasons. They don’t like the idea of people getting a handout. I suspect this is less about saving money and more about them cutting something they don’t believe in, even if it is proving to be working.

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London by mlartigue on Flickr.


London by mlartigue on Flickr.

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